The American Heritage Dictionary defines the word slot as a narrow opening that fits a morpheme sequence. Slots have many different uses, from a place where you can place something to an assignment or job position. Some examples include a slot in a copy desk (occupied by the chief copy editor), the leading edge of an airplane wing, and even a coin. However, the most common and widespread use of slot is in a game of poker.

The pay tables of slot machines show how much a player can win if all of the symbols line up. Many symbols are also represented by multiple symbols, making it impossible to win big if they don’t line up perfectly. Older machines feature a pay table above the wheels while video slot machines list it in the help menu. In addition, some machines offer bonus features. In general, a slot machine has a theme or motif. When looking for loose slots, make sure to avoid the casinos that are in bars or airports.

A computer’s slots are an important part of its architecture, and can be found in almost every computer. Some slots have several different kinds, including expansion slots and memory slots. Each slot type can be mapped to an entity to make it easier for the bot to identify the information that is required to respond to an utterance. When you want to create an utterance that contains several slots, you can do so from the Utterance or Slots tab. You can also add slots yourself by typing the name of the slot you want to use.